In this section we will list the different keyboard shortcuts:

  • Access the configuration and taint/symbolic windows: Edit > Ponce > Show Config (Ctl+Shift+P and Ctl+Alt+T)

  • Enable/Disable Ponce tracing (Ctl+Shift+E)

  • Symbolize/taint a register (Ctl+Shift+R)

  • Symbolize/taint memory. Can be done from the IDA View or the Hex View (Ctl+Shift+M)

  • Solve formula (Ctl+Shift+S)

  • Negate & Inject (Ctl+Shift+N)

  • Negate, Inject & Restore Snaphot (Ctl+Shift+I)

  • Create Execution Snapshot (Ctl+Shift+C)

  • Restore Execution Snapshot (Ctl+Shift+S)

  • Delete Execution Snapshot (Ctl+Shift+D)

  • Execute Native (Ctl+Shift+F9)

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