Port to IDA version

Ponce supports any IDA version >= 7.0. If a new version of IDA pops up this are the steps to update Ponce to work with it:

1) Use your ida.key to request the newest IDA version on this site 2) In the email HexRays sends there will be a user and password and a link to download the SDK. Download it. 3) We need to add the content of C:\Program Files\IDA Pro 7.X\plugins\hexrays_sdk\include into the include path of the downlaoded SDK zip from the prevoius step. To obtain the files to add (should be one called hexrays.hpp and maybe others) you have to install IDA (remember it needs to be bundled with the decompiler for this file to be present) 4) Zip up all the IDA versions SDKs in a file called IDA_SDKs.zip and upload it to a site that support direct download (i.e. bublup.com). 5) Use the direct link to update the secret DOWNLOAD_LINK_IDA_SDK in Github. 6) Update the action files for Windows, Linux and OSX in these two places:

  • Here

    7) Check that the IDA APIs have not change and Ponce compiles.

    8) The CI will automatically create the Ponce plugin for you on every platform and every version

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